Setting Goals

Wait. Goals for camping? That seems to defeat the idea of the simplicity of going to the outdoors. Before you start to think of it that way, consider this – knowing what you want to get from your camping trip will help ensure that your trip is fulfilling, easy, and fun for everyone.


Your Options are Endless

Do you want to escape the busy life of the city to connect with nature? Do you want a romantic getaway to connect with your special someone? Do you want to rest and relax?


Do you want to take on easy or challenging hiking trails? Do you want to take the children to show them the wonders of outdoors? Do you want to do some hunting or fishing? Do you want to swim or play on the water? Do you want to be isolated or camp with lots of other campers in a community?  What do you want to do? What memories do you want to make? How long is long enough?


Can You See Yourself There?

There are decisions to be made about your goals.   Allow yourself to fantasize  – close your eyes and put yourself there.  Try to imagine the sounds, smells, scenery.  Even imagine the joy that you will feel.  Allow yourself to become immersed in anticipating the experience.  This will actually help you plan.  For example, if your camping trip is to spend time with your special someone, you will plan a little differently than a trip with the children.


Think in “Chunks”

Another helpful planning technique is to think about your camping trip in chunks; days, nights, meals, and stuff that you’ll need to do the things you want to do.

For your first trip I recommend that you create a Planning Grid around your goals.

Our Camping Goal – “Connecting to Nature at the Lake”

Let’s look at a sample Planning Grid for our goal.

Camping Planning Grid

You get the idea. This type of planning grid can help you ensure that you don’t forget things, and that your time is spent purposely and fulfills your fantasy camping trip..

I’m planning my fantasy trip using the grid above. What is your camping goal? Think about it. Plan it out. Make it special and more relaxing. Of course, you don’t want to plan every moment, but have enough structure that you don’t end up doing very little or just doing the same things everyday. Unless that’s your fantasy. In which case, that’s a great plan, as well.


What’s Next

In our next post, we will explore how to find the best campground that will help us meet our camping goals. There are lots of options out there.

What are your camping goals?

6 Replies to “Your Camping Goals”

  1. This is such a good idea! My husband and I took a trip down to Bryce Canyon last summer, camping all the way. It was our first camping trip together, and we learned so much about time and budgeting what we needed to bring. I love the grid idea, and the intentional and purposeful look at time spent – including relaxing!
    Eventually, we want to live in a skoolie – so hopefully we will be out camping much more! I can’t wait to see what your further journeys look like!

    1. Bryce Canyon must have been a lovely trip! It is stunning. Where did you stay? Also, what did you learn about preparing and budgeting? The skoolie concept is so cool! Please do share if and when you decide to take that leap. You’re very adventurous! I’m excited for you. Please stay in touch!

    1. Hi Josh, thanks so much for visiting the site. Please stay tuned and share your camping experiences, if you’d like. Hope to talk again soon.

    1. Hi Letha, Yes, take the leap! Would this be your first camping trip? And – what camping goals do you have? I’d love to hear your story! Thanks for checking out my site.

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